Senior Safety with Opioid Medications

Apr 1, 2024 — Opioid addiction is still a problem in the U.S. Although a lot of media attention focuses on users who buy these medications on the street, most opioids are provided by healthcare providers through legitimate prescriptions. In fact, many older adults abuse opioid medications they were prescribed. Not so long ago, the thinking was that seniors... Read More

Preventing Foodborne Illness

Mar 15, 2024 — The recent outbreak of food poisoning resulting from contaminated cheese has sickened 29 people and resulted in two deaths. Listeria bacteria is naturally found in soil and can be transferred easily wherever food is prepared. While most people who get infected with listeria experience mild, flu-like symptoms, or no symptoms at all. However, pregnant people... Read More

What Does It Mean to “Age Successfully”?

Mar 1, 2024 — Many studies show that ageism is a serious health problem, both in the U.S. and around the world. So today, there’s a big push to improve the way aging is portrayed. In place of the images of yesteryear—older adults walking into the sunset or sitting on a park bench—we often now see photos of seniors... Read More

Is It Still Safe to Drive?

Feb 15, 2024 — The ability to drive a motor vehicle can be an important part of independence and mobility for older adults. Driving gives us a sense of autonomy that we feel from the first time we are handed a license as a teenager. But not all of us will be able to drive safely for the rest... Read More

The Benefits of Volunteering

Feb 1, 2024 — As we journey through life, the significance of purpose and connection often becomes more evident, particularly in our senior years. Volunteering emerges as a beacon of opportunity for older adults, offering a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond the act of giving back. This selfless act enriches not just the lives of others, but... Read More

Tips for a Great Nursing Home Visit

Jan 15, 2024 — Visiting a nursing home can be an emotional, overwhelming, yet rewarding experience. Nursing home residents can get lonely and regular visits provide numerous mental and physical benefits. Whether visiting a loved one or volunteering, you want to make the most of your visit for yourself and residents. Here are some tips on how to have... Read More

Leave Behind Memories—Not Stuff

Jan 1, 2024 — You tried sparking joy by tidying up but were left frustrated because it was hard to determine how much joy was enough to keep something. Or you decided to try minimalism—but your space felt empty and cold. Or it could be that you started off enthusiastic for a decluttering approach—but ended up returning to old... Read More

Eight Healthy Aging Resolutions for 2024

Dec 15, 2023 — Seniors, people who provide care for seniors, and people who are looking ahead to their own senior years will want to add a few of these great ideas to their list of resolutions. The New Year is the traditional time when many of us are motivated to make positive changes in our lives. Why not... Read More

Celebrating the Holidays When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s

Dec 1, 2023 — Whether your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other winter holidays, you are probably making plans right now for the festivities. If you are caring for a family member who has Alzheimer’s disease or another type of memory loss, some advance preparation can help things go smoothly. Before the visit If you are the family... Read More

Nurturing Gratitude for a Healthier You

Nov 15, 2023 — Thanksgiving is a time when we show appreciation for our blessings and celebrate the bounties of delicious food with loved ones. Science suggests that it would be good for our mental and physical health to extend this practice of thankfulness throughout the year! After dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for more than two years, we... Read More